Sleazy Burglar



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Sky Waters is napping while listening to a bit of opera but unfortunately she forgot to lock her front door and a burglar was quick to take advantage. With a stocking over his head he cases the joint deciding what to steal but just can’t pass up the hot Sky. He starts exploring her body but she wakes up and kicks him off her. He asks for forgiveness but she’s not wiling and has this bastard to strip naked, she grabs his cock spanking his balls hard, he tries to escape but she spanks his ass and punches him repeatedly in the testicles. She get him to his feet and continues kicking, slapping and punching him in the nuts! This sleazy burglar is so beneath Sky he’s not worthy of any sexual contact, he’s so low all he can do is cum on her feet. In fact that’s exactly what she’s going to have this worm do, take his itty bitty cock and jerk off on her feet like the worthless scum he is. After she’s going to damage his balls so completely he might never cum again