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942 4.9
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ShiriCon Oct 26 2017
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ExoticPanda is actually a model i owe alot to and many others. ExoticPanda actually introduced me to camgirl sites. I just to happened to get a pop-up for chaturbate and was automatically brought to her room, which led me to watch her for 2 hours straight. From there i discovered other girls, and other sites. Here i discovered her paid videos. Out of all the girls on this site shes so humble. She has one of the best bodies ever. As an assman this video pleased me beyond words. I say shes humble because she doesnt charge you $30 to jerk off for 2 minutes. She has amazing content, 21 minutes of beautiful ass angles, and only 6$? You would have to be out of your mind to complain. Please give this video to try for the love of ass. <3

JayCoolrelaxin - Top reviewer Sep 19 2017
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Video is everything you'd want in a vid like this. With some extra bonuses (clapping, JOI among others) that aren't mentioned in the tags. Wow. We all should hope there is more like this one to come. BUY

winterreigns Nov 19 2017
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Super hot video. Definetly worth ;)

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Over 20 minutes of oily ass shaking and dirty talk makes this one the best ass videos I've bought from a content creator. Ass lovers will love this.

AstroX Feb 13
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With all the kinky talking and such an up close view, you'd be tempted to reach out and take a lick yourself, but alas, it is just my computer monitor that I taste. Exoticpanda is such a hot tease with her amazing ass and even more so with her words. Well worth the value of the video and for an ass like this, how can you NOT buy this??? I mean 21 minutes of pure perfection! <3

Iadorematures - Top reviewer Jan 22
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Thick sexy ass!!! lovely hips

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Oct 10 2017
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Beautiful woman. Awsome booty..... perfect for ass lovers .

horndog26 Sep 30 2017
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Her butt is so big, bubbly and juicy :). It has nice shape to it too :). It's so sexy when she oils her ass and starts flexing it :). You gotta buy this vid :)!

Lots of shaking and squeezing my ass while it gets oiled up