Freebie Tuesday

New Step-Sister



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Nari Park’s step brother has taken advantage of her and she’s looking for payback. She finds him napping naked in her bed, she climbs on top of him kneeing him so hard in the balls it paralyzes him. He can’t move as she continues kneeing him repeatedly crushing his sad little testicles. She stands up putting her whole body weight on his cock and balls. The she uses her big booty to crush his balls further. He’s destroyed, because earlier today she was trying on clothes and he was jerking off to her like he always does when he over heard a phone call. Turns out Nari has paralysis and he takes advantage waiting for her to go to nap. Once she’s out he fucks his step-sisters pretty face while she nap. Then he fucks her shaved pussy. He totally uses her cumming on her pussy and then going to nap