Freebie Tuesday

Fighting Back



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Paige Adams came for a dance class but her instructor seems way more interested in letting his hands wander on her sexy body than teaching her how to dance. She calls him on it but he assures her it’s all just feeling the beat and part of the dance. But when they resume dancing his hands find her breasts and her ass. She’s had enough and kicks him hard in the balls. He tries to dance again but she kicks him repeatedly in the nuts. She has him to remove his pants, he keeps trying to slow dance with her and touch her body but she keeps kicking his poor swollen nuts. She decides to mock him and takes her shirt off showing her perky tits and then kicks him. Dance class has now turned into a behavior adjustment, every time the instructor tries to grab a boob without permission Paige kicks or knees him in the testicles. But he hasn’t learned yet so she moves to punching him in the dick. Then grabs his cock tugging hard on it before punching again. Her repeated kicking, tugging and punching have all but destroyed his balls. So many kicks! How is it the dance instructor is still standing? Paige is slamming him with kick after kick. Punches. But she decides he should have one last orgasm before she takes away his ability to cum. She presents her feet and lets him glaze them in baby batter before she destroys his balls forever