Girlfriend Catches You Jerking Off

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446 5.0
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superNova421 - Top reviewer Sep 24
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I'm at a loss for words ... Oh my god this was just so hot!!!! So sensual and sexy! Totally drove me crazy! Great performance with a great cummy finish! This video is top quality and extremely well shot. The pov action is top draw! I am beyond happy to have purchased this video! Great performance!!!!! Strongly recommend it!

This is a custom video request, I can do one for you too! Message me any ideas :)* You get home a bit early from work and catch your man watching porn and jerking off with your favorite body lotion. But instead of getting mad, you're kind of turned on, and decide to have some fun with him and take over the job for him. You give him a nice, sensual, hand job with plenty of lotion. You are totally in control, he's not even allowed to touch you, you tease him, edge him, slowing down when you know he's about to cum. Finally you make him cum, when you decide you've had enough fun. I'd like it to appear as if I'm the one staring in the video, you don't have to say my name or anything, but I'd rather not see your man's face or hear his voice