Peeping Tom



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Paige Monroe is relaxing after a long day of work, getting comfortable, taking off her clothes when she spots some sleazy peeping tom watching her get naked through the window. She goes outside, grabs him by the hair, and drags him into the house. She pushes him against the wall and repeatedly knees him in the balls until finally he collapses to the floor. She continues kicking him and he cries out with each impact. She stands him up and has him to remove his pants. Then she kicks him several times in the nuts. Paige is going to make sure this peeping tom learns his lesson, she continues punishing him with intense kicks to the balls, then afraid it’s not enough she moves to powerful punches. She decides a condemned man should get one last meal, so she lets him cum all over her feet jerking his tiny dick until it squirts. Then she make sure he’ll never cum again