Human punching bag


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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Vicky shows up for her boxing training session with world renowned boxing trainer. He immediately starts being a cocky jerk to Vicky and asks her if this is a joke. He obviously doesn't know that Vicky has had some formal training before. Vicky punches him in the stomach and tells him to start training her. He still refuses to train Vicky so she punches him in the dick with her gloves. The trainer tells Vicky he’s done with her and to get out. He doesn’t know is that Vicky was watching his last session and saw him sexually assault the girl and has it all on video. Vicky tells him that she's going to get her hours worth that she paid for, but instead of him training her he will serve as her punching bag. That is unless he wants her to release the information to the press. Vicky goes 100% and holds back nothing while she continuously pushes him in the stomach, sides and cock until her training session is up. Vicky laughs at him while she's kicking his ass. He falls to the ground multiple times and grunts in pain