Anger Management



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Lydia Love is seeking psychiatric to help her with her rage issues, she’s not sure what causes it. But Dr. Eric has a plan of treatment, first they need to get to know each other on a more personal level, starting with stroking his cock; but Lydia isn’t sure that sounds like a real medical treatment, she snaps shoving him away from her but he persists putting her hand on his crotch, touching her body. While explaining his process he strips out of his clothes. She snaps and slaps him in the balls several times. It feels good to release her anger. Treating Lydia for her anger issues isn’t going the way Dr. Eric had hoped, normally he just convinces his hot female patients that fucking him or at the very least sucking his cock is part of the mental healing. But Lydia feels she needs to expel her anger by stomping on his balls. She grabs him by the cock and drags him all around the room in his office chair. Once he frees himself of her grip she kicks him repeatedly in his stupid dick. When you have all this pent up aggression acting out physically is such an amazing release. Lydia takes joy in stomping on Dr. Eric’s dick and kicking him in the balls over and over again. She feels so cleansed by all the physical punishment she decides to jerk his cock some, give the man a little pleasure but then random rage pops up and she punches his testicles