Cum Eat For Me

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5,057 5.0
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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Oct 22 2017
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Oh dear.

Where to begin with this video?

I just purchased my first two videos of Amber Hahn not knowing this producer at all but the previews were very good.

I've made a HUGE mistake not getting her content sooner. Besides her amazing curves and sexy looks her dirty talk is absolutely some of the best I've ever heard. Over the years I've heard alot of dirty talk from so many great adult stars such as Riley Reid, Sasha Grey, Lolly Badcock, Michelle Moist, etc..

But I don't think any of them have ever gotten me as worked up as Amber calling out people that watch her "You Slutty fuckers" or talking about our "fuckmouths" and she doesn't sound degrading or disparagging but comes off as encouraging.

Her dialogue is breathtakingly good and coupled with her looks and sexy voice it's an incredible combination.

I think this video resulted in one of the largest orgasms I've ever had and it wasn't like I hadn't cum in a while (actually was the second time of that day haha).

I don't know what else to say but she is spectacular and anyone that doesn't check her out is doing a disservice to themselves.

JoeJesus7 deleted - Top reviewer Oct 30 2017
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One of the best at it, Amber can easily make anyone follow her instructions. Great video for my collection, very hot as always!

fixy_1 - Top reviewer Nov 15 2017
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Words so dirty shouldn't come from such a beautiful, sweet, innocent looking woman. But damn does she know how to talk dirty. I love the encouraging style in her cei videos while still just dishing out the dirty talk.

Bonus points for the most proficient use of the word "fuck" in any form and context you could ever imagine. I thought I used that word too much but she raised the bar.

EmceeEon Nov 5 2017
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Holy fuck! You always have the most insane dirty talk but with the corset and the outfit and the butt play you took it to another level with this one!

I just love love love when you decide to eat your cum for me.. So many things you could do with your cum, but you choose to be a good boy and swallow it down! This video is full of me telling you how much I love the thought of salty cum pouring down your own throat- and how you are doing it for ME! I also entice you to stick a toy up your tight ass, in hopes of you giving me a even huger load of CUM! Whatever it takes, I want that cum! Watch me motion you to stroke it out of your hard cock. God, I want that cum.... DOWN YOUR THROAT