420 Smoking Pantie tease

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British / England
110 3.0
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If you like watching hot girls sitting around in their underwear and smoking then seriously watch this video! Not only does she look amazing, the underwear she has on is sexy as fuck! She’s looks incredible! I’d highly recommend

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Ummm…confused about this one.
video quality:high
did i cum:no way
body type:tummy
type:solo, non-nude
saved folder:deleted
what you see:face, non-nude
do i want more of her:not at all

did you even read the description or watch the preview...

Watch me light up and smoke a spliff get high with me. whilst i do a sensual pantie tease stroking my pussy through my panties making them wet, playing with and bouncing my tits. Shaking my ass, jiggling my booty and boobs. Doing smoke bombs blowing into the camera all to dub music (fat freddies drop