Love It Raw, Hates Cum



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You've put a lot of money into this girl, and you're so excited to finally fuck her. She's in lingerie and spreading her legs, ready for you. She agreed to let you fuck her without protection... what a girl! Such a hot piece of ass, you can definitely go into this feeling like you're not with a hooker... She tells you to slip inside her wet pussy. You're going at, going at it... loving every minute.. You can barely contain yourself. In fact, you're ready to pop already. She stops you though. She will not be allowing that. You offer it to her mouth. Shaking her head, she tells you exactly what you'll be doing with your cum... And she gets absolutely crazy knowing that you'll be eating it! This must be something she does... brings men in for raw sex, and then tells them to eat it, because she is going wild! She's going to cum just from seeing you eat it. You're going to aim it right for your face, open wide, and catch