Beta David Loses Promotion To Alpha LIN



American / Kentucky
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Custom video done for David David (viewer) has been working at his job for many years, and has finally been tapped on the shoulder for a possibly getting a promotion that would make him head of his department. Lin has only been there just a few months, and was actually trained by David. He gets summoned to Lin's new office, and has the news broken to him that he got passed over for the promotion, and the job was given instead to her. Someone with very little experience, no seniority, but is an ALPHA.... and Alphas, well they always get the promotions!!! Betas, they do not. Lin lays it out for him, how now he is going to be her office "bitch" and bring her coffee, shop for curtains, and even give her foot massages, if that is what she wants. Not only is she an ALPHA, but she's a female, and she knows how to control men. She knows how to zero in on their weaknesses and use them against them, and she's not afraid to use her sexuality and her hot ass looks to bring them to submission, and get what she wants!! Look out, Lin is coming for YOUR job next