Cum in My Mouth

4,151 5.0

Amy Villainous

American / Seattle
4,151 5.0
8:52 min - Sep 19 - .MP4 - 646.98 MB


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I really enjoy this video. Gr8 tease, especially the dirty talk.

I bought this so fast, I think I premature ejaculated. <3

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I love those red juicy lips Gorgeous ❤️

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I usually don't get into tease vids. I was pleasantly surprised though. The talking really won me over. If you love dirty talk with a sensual soft voice to go with it. Buy this vid asap !!! Amy has a pretty face so that helps a bunch. Those eyes could melt polar caps.

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As usual, she amazes and dazzles me with not only her beautiful face. But her relentless attempts at making me hard and want to cum. I busted a fat load to her big tits and fantastic stroking motions. If I could buy this clip x5 over I would. Can't wait for more.

Follow my instructions and jerk off while I talk about how badly I want to swallow your cock