Uniform Squirt


Autumn Gram

Serbian / Southern California
5:26 min - Sep 19 - .MOV - 255.27 MB - 960x540


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So I had to fly to Phoenix to audition for a shoot and they made us wear these skimpy outfits! Did not really like the outfit, the colors were weird and the material was scratchy! Could not wait to get back to the hotel and take it off! But it had been a long day and seeing all the other girls in skimpy outfits made me horny as fuck and I needed a release! So with the help of the magic wand and Mr. Pinkie I get myself off and unleash a big squirt all over the uniform! Came so hard is splashed all over! The squirt and cum soaked uniform is for sale in my store if you want to have it! You can watch my clip and cum on it like I did