Cakes Makes The Bath Wet

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6,621 5.0
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dalban Dec 10
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This wet body is just a dream!!!

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To be honest, when it comes to shower/bath videos, I've noticed that there tends be a trend in general where the sound of the shower/bath is really amplified, which in my opinion, takes away from my immersion of watching those types of videos. This video unfortunately falls into that category as well but luckily, SureCakes is probably one the most gorgeous woman I've seen on this site yet. This is my first video I bought from her and I must say , besides from the loud bath, I did actually like the video. This video seems to have been captured through a cell phone but thankfully, you get to see her whole body and face in the video which I really like. She also shows off how great her butt looks when shes riding a dildo in the reverse cowgirl position. As a bonus she also squirts at the end of the video. Its not the biggest squirt you're ever going to see but it was satisfactory for me to want to watch it again. Overall, if you enjoy watching a beautiful, curvy woman squirt and you're looking for a short video, you may want to buy this one.

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