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Housecleaning Finds Fucks 2 Glass Dildos

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A sexy blonde is doing her dishes in her sink as part of her daily housecleaning. She washes pans and plates and then she finds something in the soap suds that catches her off guard. She pulls up a glass dildo and then another. She decides to keep up with her housecleaning and though she has no way of knowing how they got into the sink with her dishes, she starts to clean them all the same. As she rubs them with her wash rag she starts to get extremely horny. She then declares that she needs some alone time with the glass dildos. She lets the sink drain and then takes one of the glass dildos and starts to slowly fuck it. Soon she is pulling her big tits out of her dress so she can do some self titty squeezing. After she gets her fill with the first glass dildo she realizes she made more housework for herself as she now has to re-wash the pussy juice soaked glass dildo. She places it in the sink and then starts to fill the sink with soapy water once again. She then turns her attention to the second glass dildo and starts to fuck it good and fast. In no time at all she is having a huge orgasm and again she realizes her housework is not quite done. The sink is now filled up with soapy water so she gently and lovingly washes the two glass dildos she just had stuck up her twat. This is the kind of housework she really enjoys and she says it was all worth it as they glass dildos are clean once again and ready for the next time she needs them for her cunt. Included in this clip: Housecleaning, Glass Dildos, Dildo Fucking, Washing Dishes, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Masturbation, Orgasms, Fucking Glass Dildos, Blondes