Johnny Cocran Popping Balloons Video 1



American / Los Angeles, CA
3:04 min - Sep 20 - .MP4 - 197.88 MB


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My friend Johnny came over to fulfill a request of blowing balloons up until they pop. Pretty simple enough. Lets see how many he can get to pop in the next three minutes. Hahaha. Enjoy you balloon popping lovers as my friend blows them up until they pop...except for the first one. Oops. That one didnt pop. lol. The rest of them did pop with a startling noise. It actually got to the point when I knew when the balloon was going to pop from him blowing them. It's almost like you could feel the tension reach that point (that and the fact that the balloon was being stretched to it's limit. Why am I still talking. lol. Enjoy the video