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SD 480p 30fps video - **Description** This video is all about stretching, licking, and pumping my giant milky nipples. I start off topless and begin massaging my breasts and stretching my nipples. As I play milk drips from my huge milky tits. Eventually I need to get a taste of the sweet creamy goodness and begin to lick myself. Finally it comes time to pump and see just how swollen and large these glorious nipples can be. You can see the pump sucking and stretching my nipples until I get a letdown. You can hear my gushing milk splashing into the bottom of my bottles. If you listen really really close you can even hear this hiss as my streams of milk hard into the plastic. Don't you wanna see how my nipples look at the end of all this action ;) - **Key words** breast pump close up dripping milk front view milk self suck spraying milk solo squirting milk wet sounds nipple stretch