Restrained Facesitting & Handjob

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279 5.0
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PhilBrazil - Top reviewer Mar 4
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One of my desires is to be restrained in clingfilm whilst a fit young PAWG sits on my face as she plays with my cock. This lucky guy gets to fulfill my ultimate fantasy. Sam is a beautiful young woman with perfect soft flawless skin and a nice phat plump round ass that is perfect for face sitting. She sits on top of him with her wonderful wide thick thighs astride his body ensuring her full weight is smothered evenly over his face. Occasionally Sam raises her ass a few inches and he gasps for breath. I like the way Sam pans the camera with one hand and the other teases this lucky guys dick. Nice ending with blowing a kiss to her fans. I'm hooked.

Watch me stop a client breathing with my big phatt ass, cheeks spread for extra totrure, hear him gasping for breath while he's starved of oxygen. And wrapped tightlt in.clingfilm Teasing his cock running a licked finger up and down teasing his head them finally hand job to edge him further whole I restrain himwith my ass
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