Codys Diaper Girlfriend


Danielle Maye XXX

British / London
15:18 min - Sep 22 - .MP4 - 1.78 GB


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I come back from your night with Cody. You talk about wetting your diaper in Cody’s lap and other cute details between you and Cody. Maybe you and him dance together and he takes a cheeky squeeze of your diaper bum. You tell a few more date details, and then you whisper in his ear “I think I need a changing” and you lead Cody the restroom were he has some flirty fun with you changing your diaper. After that he walks you home and the door, you say how do you like your diaper girlfriend and Cody says he absolutely loves it then then the date is over. Now just talking to the camera you say “ when it comes to Cody, I gonna be the best diaper girlfriend “ and you wet your diaper