Batgirl's Ex


Miss Alria

Canadian / Fap Land
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Batgirl arrives home to find out that her ex is waiting for her, carrying her spare key because they had broken up. He tells her that he misses her and starts getting a hard on. Batgirl isn’t into getting back together but has had a good night working to help fight crime off the streets, and takes matters into her own hands. She tells her ex that this can only happen once, and then it’s never happening again, as she teases him with her cleavage. Batgirl continues to tease and dirty talk to her ex, telling him how she wants him to touch himself. She keeps it up until even she is horny, and decides she wants to cum too. She starts playing with her pussy and glass dildo, making sure her ex knows that he has to cum when she does. *disclaimer, the last 20-ish seconds when I do cum, I accidentally pulled out my microphone and lost volume. My face was pretty expressive though, I actually came twice