Squeezing It All Out

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I'm in the Manchester Airport about to fly to Belfast, but before I leave, I need to take care of something. My American lover grabbed me before leaving my house, bent me over, and after fucking me properly, flooded my pussy with his creamy cum. I can feel it leaking into my thong, so I'd better go to the public loo and try to squeeze out the rest so it doesn't soak through while seated on my flight. It's quite crowded in the loo, but I find an available toilet, pull down my jeans and soaked thong, and in addition to forc1ng out the remaining cum, I also pee. I wish I had time to do more, but have to wipe myself clean, redress and hurry to my departure area. After I wave "bye-bye" to you, I ask myself why I didn't insist he come with me on this job. I don't think FaceTime is going to do it for me 'til I get back