Losers Wednesdays

89 5.0

Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
89 5.0
28:41 min - Sep 23 - .MP4 - 1.13 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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JPH1170 Sep 12
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This is an amazing clip, it’s like you and Bryson had a very and powerful bond as Dom/Sub. The only only I would differently is when I’m about to climax I would aim away From the laptop to prevent from hitting it.

Lindsey decides to tell her slave that he will be given a special reward for his services to her. This desperate slave thinks what could this reward be, his mind goes all out there with what hew would be rewarded with. All of a sudden, Goddess tells her desperate loser his reward will be he gets to jerk off one of Goddesses special jerk off Instruction videos while being filmed doing it himself. Then after completing the video he then gets to write the script about it. This loser though he was going to get something personally special from Goddess Lindsey Leigh he was sooo wrong
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