Snap, snap - Imposed Male Stripping



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Starring Tristan Sweet and Aiden Valentine** I hate when my older sister's boyfriend comes over. I was minding my own business when he came walking into the living room, sat down, and took the remote control from me. He's arrogant, cocky, and has nothing better to do than to pick on me. "You're such a loser," he said, touching my head. God, I can't stand him. The last straw was when he started making fun of my shirt. Nope, I was done. I stood up, "Let me show you something." Oh, I was going to teach this cocky asshole a lesson. I snapped my finger, and his shirt disappeared. He had no idea! "What was that snap?" he asked, confused. Since he wanted to talk about my shirt, I figured I'd make his disappear. Oh, he was mad. "What did you do with my shirt?" he demanded. "What the fuck did you do?" He looked behind the couch, unable to wrap his head around the idea of his shirt disappearing into thin air. He tried to threaten me, but he knew he sounded crazy. So, he still wanted to keep going? Snap. Now his pants were gone. I couldn't help but burst into laughter at the design on his boxers. They looked like little sperms. He was so humiliated that he tried to cover himself up with his hands. Aiden was begging and whining for me to give him his pants back, but instead, I took pictures of him. Snap. Now he was tied down to a chair in only his boxers. "Please let me go," he whined. "I'm just in my boxers right now, and they're going to be coming home any minute." I could see the embarrassment and humiliation on his face. He begged for his clothes, and as he ranted, I took my shoe off. I had an idea. I pushed my smelly shoe up to his face, then pushed my nasty sock up to his nose. I took my sock off and rubbed it all over his body to further humiliate him. "Please don't put that in my mouth," he said, grossed out. Snap. Much better. Now I didn't have to hear him whine or bitch. A sock appeared in his mouth, gagging him, and he was trying to muffle through it. "Let me go, let me go," he begged. I figured I'd have some fun with him, take a couple of pictures, and hell, leave him there for my family to find. No matter how much he struggled and screamed, he couldn't get out of that chair