Freebie Tuesday

Dressed and wet

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British / LONDON
973 5.0
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Truly amazing! Tiffany looking so beautiful and dressed in tight revealing clothes, showing off that perfect figure... getting wet on the outside... gradually teasing the viewer and herself into a crescendo of horniness and making herself wet on the inside! Such a wonderful tease clip that builds into an orgasmic masturbation finger fuck! A sight to behold xxxx

Tee786 - Top reviewer Jul 1
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WOW WOW WOW Huge fan of the wet fetish scenes don't miss out guys

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Apr 7
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Love these getting wet in the shower videos of MissTiff!Get me so horny watch her wear different sexy super tight T-shirts.Getting all wet with water,show her big boobs and rock hard nipples through her wet clothes.Ending with a horny masturbation is always a pleasure watching!Thanks again for this Dressed and Wet video Tiffany.

This would be you in a few super tight t-shirts and jeans, getting wet (with water) in a pool/tub/bath/shower depending on what you have available. If you could then be so good as to help yourself get off and enjoy a solid orgasm to finish things off that would be wonderful