FTM Transman / Vibe Grinding + Glass Toy



Venezuelan / Maryland
11:20 min - Sep 22 - .MOV - 62.65 MB


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Part 8 of my Premium SnapChat series! Watch from an intimate perspective as I touch my hairy belly, tease myself a bit before pulling my khaki skinnies off. I tug my thick FTM cock, then bring out my fav purple mini vibe to grind my dick against. I slip it inside my front hole, then bring out a glass dildo to fuck myself a little with, getting vocal for you as I continue to grind against my mini vibe until I cum all over the glass dildo, then taking it out to show you my thick white cum before cleaning it off my fingers with my tongue! I make and post videos like this 3 times a week on SnapChat, which you can buy for $10 (price goes up to $20 Oct 1st) in my store or by adding and msging me on SC @ JohnnyBlvzed if you want to get lifetime access to content like this