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Teacher bullies the bully

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you play a teacher. Everyone is out to recess, but you keep one boy behind because of his bulling. As he tries to walk out you look down at him (height difference) and lock the door and close any blinds telling him you want to talk to him. He mentions he's missing all the fun but you mention that he's going to get some fun here. Confused he looks at you as you start teasing him about different things you are going to do to him like suck his little dick (you assume it's little) and then say you are going to fuck him and he responds what? You tell reiterate that you are going to fuck the out of him. You tell him that you are going to bully him. Looking confused you tell him to get on the table as you pull down his pants and notice his dick (surprised how big it is for his age). He cums quickly and you tell him that you are not done with him as you keep sucking and eventually it leads to you riding him hard cowgirl. He starts to cry but you tell him not to tell anyone and to stop bullying students

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dckin20 @dckin20Oct 12
Need more mom-son bullying content from you!