3rd Lesson with Mom

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Well, well, well... Somebody's been a very good boy lately. I've heard through the grape vine that you learned your lesson since our last "chat". It seems you're no longer walking around like you're capable of pleasing a real woman. Now that you're in your proper place... I think we can continue working on making you a successful lover. I wouldn't want you to finally land a real woman and not know what to do with her. I certainly can't have you being stuck with trashy girls that don't know a good lay from a bad one! So, because you were so good, I'll reward you. I'll let you be in control this time. And by in control-- I mean you better control that cum. Let's get you nice and hard and ready to cum before we start to play. Then you'll stop yourself from cumming and start again. Okay? Let's begin... and when you've warmed up enough, you're going to fuck me as hard as you want to baby
Fly On the Wall
Lovely Lilith
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