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Neighborhood Girl Goes Missing 2

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Rachel is just a girl from down the block. I see her around almost everyday coming and going.. taking in her groceries.. jogging.. walking her dog.. She always smiles and says hello as we pass each other on the sidewalk. She is so nice.. And so pretty.. And she always smells so good.. I catch myself watching her all the time thru my windows. She never seems to notice me, but I always notice her.. God, I'd do anything to have a girl like that. So cute and smily all the time. I think I have fallen in love with her from afar. I wonder what I would have to do to get a girl like her to give me the time of day. I know I would never have a chance with her. She is way too pretty and put together.. Unless.. There was another way to have her. I way I could have her all to myself. A way I could be happy with her.. A way I could take her away and make her all mine.. I could OWN her. I could KEEP her. She would learn to love me. I know she would. She would have NO CHOICE but to love me