Custom Request:Business Partner Seduces

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Tessa is at home wearing a skirt, tight top, heels and matching black (or white) underwear underneath. Tessa answers door and her husband`s business partner (BP) walks in. Tessa is surprised he has called but they both sit on the sofa. She asks why he has come to see her and the BP tells her the business is failing and he has to make some difficult decisions about withdrawing his funds and the consequent failure of the business and asks her if she understands the seriousness of the situation.Tessa is unsure why she is being told this. BP tells Tessa she must be aware of what he is talking about, how he has always found her so attractive, how she could help the situation, how her husband need never know. This goes on for some time with Tessa looking very uncomfortable and insisting she is not that kind of woman, that she is married and loyal. BP tries to touch her breast through her top she pushes his hand away angrily, the conversation continues, BP tries to put his hand on Tessas leg, she pushes it away. Eventually BP tells her that if she doesnt help he wil walk out the door and they will be lose all their money and possessions. She agrees to let him give her a glass. She doesnt know it but it will make her aroused and compliant. BP assures her that she wont remember a thing . Tessa looks worried starts to argue but the item takes effect BP says Tessa, now that I have you under my control I`m going to get you to answer some questions and get you to do some things for me, do you understand?".Tessa is under his control but she is still a bit uncomfortable and uncertain, BP tries to run his hand under her skirt she pushes his hand away a few times but BP reminds her that she has to comply. They negotiate and Tessa reluctantly agrees that instead of sex she will let BP watch her masturbate. So BP gets her to pull up her skirt to show her panties, she pulls up her skirt very very slowly, reluctantly (hold the shot on your panties for 30 seconds) Tessa looks hesitant and confused and BP starts asking Tessa questions that embarrass her. He asks about her sex life with her husband, whether it is fulfilling, whether she has to masturbate to satisfy her natural desires. etc etc Does her husband satisfy her and she does she fantasize about other men? She reluctantly and with some hesitation answers his questions. After a while and looking a little more compliant he has her remove her bra, he gets her to stand up, turn around, he tells her to pull up her skirt, gets her to bend over, then sit back down, he opens her legs runs his hands over her thighs, while Tessa plays with her breasts. Then BP sits back and watches Tessa play with herself through her panties while she talks about her secret fantasies.Tessa has a moment of clarity and stops and starts to complain but BP tells her to shut up or suffer the consequences. BP demands Tessa describes her husbands (very small) cock and which cock, his or her husbands would she rather have? Tessa is shocked uncertain so BP gives her another glass and takes Tessas hand and makes her start to rub the front of his trousers. Tessa is shy and embarrassed but she has to take the BPs cock out, she looks surprised at how big it is, shy and embarrassed at the same time, but she is getting turned on now and she puts her hand in her panties and plays with herself while she has to stroke his cock and then has to suck it. BP humiliates the her about how her husbands cock isn`t worth getting hard and how he would probably enjoy watching his wife get the satisfaction she needs from a real man. Tessa describes her husbands premature ejaculation. Then BP asks Tessa to take off her panties, he rubs his cock in her panties for a bit and then goes down on her, fingering and licking her to orgasm. Finally the BP makes love to Tessa and makes her cum while Tessa moans and tells him how she loves his cock. How much better than her husband he is etc. BP finally cums.He take the condom off at the end and cum on your belly