Sensual Bedtime Story with Mom

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Sensual Bedtime Story with Mom Starring Tammie Madison I know that you are having problems drifting off at night honey, but I secretly love it when you come into my room at night, and climb into mommy's bed for cuddles. I love the feel of you up close to me. Do you like the warmth of mommy's skin brushing up against you? I'm here to soothe you my darling. Let me tell you a bedtime story to help you fall back to the land of Zs. A long time ago, in a land far away, a Queen was faced with a dilemma. You see, she was monarch to a kingdom without fathers, a land of mothers and their sons. The Queen, like many of her subjects, wanted to ensure the survival of the family line; but with only having one son, the Queen feared the royal lineage might cease to exist. The Queen had to think of a way to save her family, and to help her kingdom grow. The Queen doted on her son, the Prince and heir to the land. She knew that with him, she could produce a pure lineage, she could ensure the survival of the royal family, and ensure that the populace of the kingdom would grow. The Queen issued a decree, all the mothers in the land would have to produce more offspring. They were instructed to lie with their sons, as often as they could, and as long as was required until they were pregnant. Like the Queen, all the mothers in the kingdom adored their boys. Without hesitation, her subjects dutifully followed the Queen's command. Mother's drained their sons of their seed. Night after night, month after month, mothers visited their sons whilst they were lost in the deepest of dreams. Some mothers sought to stir their sons from their dreams, whilst others carried out their duties whilst their sons remained unaware. Are you feeling tired honey? Or would you like mom to tell you more