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Get Out of the Bathroom Son

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1,018 5.0
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ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Nov 20
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Turn the tables on Mrs. Mischief. After a few vids where she forces me to pee my pants now it's her turn. She has to wait to use the toilet until she can't hold it any longer. Finally she pees her pants and then pulls them down and let's you watch her finish peeing. It's a great vid.

knock knock*<br><br>Son, are you in there?<br><br>Um…could you hurry…Mom really needs to pee.<br><br>*knock knock* <br><br>Really, baby…hurry up. I’ve been holding it for hours.<br><br>Sweetheart, are you doing anything in here or just sitting there? You’re going to have to get off the toilet, son…I’ve gotta pee really, really bad!<br><br>Why are you laughing? Do you think it’s funny that Mom’s dancing around the bathroom about to pee her pants? Young man, get up and out of here right now…I mean it, son. This isn’t funny! Mom’s really needing to go…hurry!<br><br>Damn it, you rotten boy - look what you’ve done now…you’ve made me wet my pants. Get the hell out of here before I pee all over myself….oh no!…it’s too late