Freebie Tuesday

Brat Goddess Lavender Puts you In Place

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In My grey lace and PVC corset, black hot shorts, long pearl necklace, sheer thigh highs, you cant resist knelling down to My powerful beauty that has you completely entranced Smoking My cigarette My sensually dominating voice has you completely weak absorbing every word, "Look at you quivering there on your knees... sad excuse.. just the sound of my voice makes you quiver and of course, I like to tease you know the only thing thats going to please Me, *lighting My cigarette* is when you truly surrender yourselfyour worthless cock, the only brain that you have.thats why I must train your weak feeble mind so you can learn how to be useful. Isnt it all about My pleasure anyways? So why dont you get out something ACTUALLY thick and pull out that wallet