My Masseuse SURPRISE Masturbated Me

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I love getting massages. I get like 3 a week. I get them from many different masseuses too. Sometimes I need a Thai massage, sometimes I need Swedish or Chinese. Twice a month I have a male masseuse come in and work on my hips and ass. I find most massages don't focus enough time there because it can be awkwards. That's why I hired this guy. I told him exactly what I want and he gives it to me. He's been servicing me for about 8 months now. I was planning on making a Youtube video about massage so I setup a few cameras to capture his magical hands. What happened after the usual massage was not expected! I normally allow him to remove my pants but today he completely removed my panties and thoroughly massages around my asshole. Now, if I'm being honest I don't really mind actually. It can be quite pleasant. But when he asked me to turn over on my back I was a little taken aback. He immediately went to work on my clit fingering me off like a monkey eating a banana. It was intense. He didn't even say a word. He just worked over my entire pussy and asshole until I was orgasming right in front of him and caught on camera! Wait until you see the very end where he double penetrates my holes as I'm cumming. This was a massage I won't forget. This video won't be going to youtube and lucky for you guys you are essentially getting a Nova Patra Ass Worship Massage and Finger Fuck Video. Enjoy1 massage Ass worship //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WHO IS NOVA PATRA?????????????????????????? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Nova Patra is an Asian Webcam Model from Canada turned Youtuber and Independant Porn Producer alongside her partner Lake Okane the two are considered some of the top producers on ManyVids. Nova Patra won the 2018 Innovator of the year award here on ManyVids. The two have produced some of the hottest Asian porn on the site. They are a dynamic duo who can produce, write and fuck. They are pros and bring a lot of quality to the Asian Porn genre. Nova Patra has worked with many other top creators including: Alex De La Flor, Ryan Bread, Sleepy Chew, Ms Louise, Moth, Holly Beth and Others. Nova Patra is a self-proclaimed Asian Content Creator Without Borders. She not only produces some of the hottest Asian Porn but also is popular on many other platforms including Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. It's easy to find her on any platform just search for 'NovaPatra'. Nova Patra Films are synonomous with Hyper-Reality, Gaming Porn and Hot Asian Fucking. Her most notorious film is 'Forgets to Turn off Her Twitch Stream and Faps' which has gone viral multiple times and has even been mentioned Youtubers such as Pewdiepie. Nova Patra is known internationally and has many cult followings. If you like asian girls or asian porn then you will liike the content produced by Nova Patra