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My Masseuse SURPRISE Masturbated Me

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16,276 5.0
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I love getting massages. I get like 3 a week. I get them from many different masseuses too. Sometimes I need a Thai massage, sometimes I need Swedish or Chinese. Twice a month I have a male masseuse come in and work on my hips and ass. I find most massages don't focus enough time there because it can be awkwards. That's why I hired this guy. I told him exactly what I want and he gives it to me. He's been servicing me for about 8 months now. I was planning on making a Youtube video about massage so I setup a few cameras to capture his magical hands. What happened after the usual massage was not expected! I normally allow him to remove my pants but today he completely removed my panties and thoroughly massages around my asshole. Now, if I'm being honest I don't really mind actually. It can be quite pleasant. But when he asked me to turn over on my back I was a little taken aback. He immediately went to work on my clit fingering me off like a monkey eating a banana. It was intense. He didn't even say a word. He just worked over my entire pussy and asshole until I was orgasming right in front of him and caught on camera! Wait until you see the very end where he double penetrates my holes as I'm cumming. This was a massage I won't forget. This video won't be going to youtube and lucky for you guys you are essentially getting a Nova Patra Ass Worship Massage and Finger Fuck Video. Enjoy1 massage Ass worship