Boots N Bubble Gum 1 CUSTOM

10:23 min - Sep 24 - .MP4 - 780.61 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Bratty Katy Faery shows off in her camel colored, size 7, DBDK boots, tight black pants, and tiny white halter top. Katy snaps and pops her gum, while sporting sexy bow-tie hoop earrings, and big silver sunglasses. She playfully tosses and twists her ponytail, while popping her gum. Katy gently rubs her legs, and kicks her boots back and forth. Katy continues to pop bubbles with her gum, and chew away… ignoring your presence in the process. Katy occasionally gives you a sexy, teasing glance, and goes right back to forgetting you’re even there. Katy stands up, and walks to the right side of the chair. She lifts her right leg up on the chair, and slowly caresses her leg with her hand. Katy blows bubbles and snaps her gum, while playing with her hair. Katy pulls off her sunglasses so you can see her alluring eyes. Katy walks up to you, and blows a little kiss. She walks back, and waves you off Goodbye