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Femme Fatale, and brunette beauty - Katy Faery, lays on her stomach on the bed. A black collar necklace hangs around her neck, and her brown hair flows down. “I missed you.” Katy grabs your already hard cock, and wraps her parted lips around the tip of your cock. Katy seductively and passionately sucks every inch of your cock..Looking up at you with her gorgeous, soul-piercing, light-brown eyes. “There is nothing better than that taste.” Katy gently kisses up and down your shaft, and kicks her feet as she sucks. Katy moves down to your balls, and licks them slowly. Katy runs her tongue all the way up your cock, and starts to suck you again. Katy wraps her tiny lips around your cock, “I’m so wet right now… How bad do you want to be inside of me right now?” Katy tell you that she is aching for your cock.. “I just want to feel you thrusting inside of me until I cum everywhere.” Katy tells you that she can’t take it anymore…she just wants you inside of her. She jumps on top of your cock, and shoves your cock into her wet pussy. “It’s so big!” Katy moans out as she rides your cock, telling you how big your cock feels inside of her. Katy moves her hips around in circles as she rides your cock. “You feel so amazing.” Katy cries out as she starts to ride you faster.. “You’re going to make me cum!” Katy moves her hips back and forth faster.. “I want you to feel me cum, I want you to feel me grip around you so tightly…” Katy cums all over you, and her pussy pulses on your cock. Katy turns around so her ass faces you. She jumps on top, and starts to ride you from behind. Her brown hair flows down her back as she bounces her ass up and down. You slap Katy’s ass as she cums all over you again