Kailey's ass gets fucked to pay a debt

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Emmas Secret Life

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2,131 4.7
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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 24 2017
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Nice blackmail video from Emma and for a change she's not the victim.

Poor Kailey has to suffer from a good anal fucking and creampie. Hot role-playing by Emma and Kailey.

Thank you so much! 😘

1bigperv Sep 24 2017
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I love Emma's blackmail videos and this is another must own. Emma shows up at Kaileys home ready to collect her money and has her guy friend take it out of Kaileys ass. Great hard anal with Emma trash talking and spanking poor Kailey. But the best is yet to come as Kailey gets a anal creampie and Emma slups up the spunk and then spits it into Kaileys mouth. It's hardcore and it's wonderful.

Thanks so much! So glad you liked it! ❤️

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Very hot and enjoyable. I wish there was more facesitting, but there's always next time. ;)

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at emmasecretmln@yahoo.com or send me a PM) Emma visits Kailey with her guy friend to see if she has the money that she owes her. When Kailey says no Emma gives her a choice, either my friend will rough you up a bit or he can fuck you in the ass to pay this debt. Kailey has never done anal before but decides to go with that option. Emma's friend fucks Kailey's ass hard while Emma doms her by spitting in her mouth and by shoving her finger in her mouth while verbally degrading her and smacking her ass! When the guy cums in her ass, Emma gets on her knees to suck the cum out which she then spits into Kailey mouth