Taboo Step Daughter Seduces Daddy

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2,423 5.0
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Not sure if Elle's the one getting me into these types of vids because of how hot she makes them seem, or if I only like these types of vids because it's her doing them. Either way, her dirty talk is second to none. Too sexy! Buy this vid!

cre8or Dec 29
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Regardless of your feelings towards this kind of roleplay, it's really hot. Also, the super long hair.. Drool.

Sandrark86 - Top reviewer Dec 19
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Elle is always incredible and this video is no exception. Absolutely recommend buying

Custom video - step daughter/daddy roleplay "The idea for the video is that you hate your mother and think that your father is overlooking a woman who would be much better for him. You. So you decide to seduce him. Letting him know you'd be a much more loving partner, kinder, sweeter, and so much sexier. Starting out dressed, you do a slow, seductive strip and then masturbate with dirty talk about how you're better.&quot