Lance Gold Spitting Video 1



American / Los Angeles, CA
3:08 min - Sep 24 - .MP4 - 200.96 MB


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My friend Lance is looking dashingly handsome with his muscles and his chiseled jaw. Those sexy clark kentish looking glasses (gotta love hunks in glasses). If you're able to take your eyes off his muscular pecs or six pack, you'll see he's spitting all over my mirror. Oh you're here for the spitting? Very awesome! I love spitting too. Lance is a good spitting. He effortlessly and casually spits out these large globs that have so much volume of clear saliva that they quickly run down the mirror. Who wants to collect it all in a large glass and swallow every last drop of it? Show of hands? Haha. Enjoy as he spits on my bathroom mirror. Deelish