Examining A Real Doll w/ Reagan 720 MP4

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Last night I was searching my boyfriends search history on his phone and I found something really strange...real dolls. I hadn't heard of these until last night. They are life like silicone sex dolls. Not blow up dolls...super realistic dolls. I had a suspicion he owns one. When he left for work today I sneaked in his apartment...I know where he keeps his spare key. I walked in and saw one in hi living room floor. She was a stunning blonde beauty. I rubbed her body and slowly pulled down her top. Her breast were spectacular! I just wanted to keep playing with them! I felt her hands noticing each detail from the finger nails to the knuckles...so lifelike! I play with her belly button for a minute and then move to the feet which I kinda have a fetish for. This doll is hot! I can't wait to come back again when he is at work and play with her more! ***Check out my other vids with Real Dolls