A Lesson in Sexual Obedience Part 3



American / Connecticut
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Sarah is Miss Elizabeth's submissive. As a submissive there are rules and protocol to abide by. One of the rules is that here will be no masturbation or sexual play of any kind without asking for direct permission. Well, Sarah fails to do this and decides to go ahead and masturbate without calling and asking. Miss Elizabeth comes back early and finds Sarah with her hands on her pussy. Angered beyond belief, she scolds Sarah very harshly and then quickly takes her over the knee for a humiliating punishment. This entails having her bare bottom soundly spanked while her legs are spread. Then she is cuffed and placed on the bed on all fours to receive a hard strapping on her sore marked bottom. To finish her punishment, she is made to masturbate with her vibrator as Elizabeth continues to strap and spank her. She is learn to associate the pain of the punishment with this naughty behavior. In Part three, the cuffs are taken off, Sarah is handed her vibrator and told she must masturbate to orgasm while she is spanked. Miss Elizabeth spanks and straps her naughty disobedient submissive and makes her to cum so she associates the punishment with the behavior