Daddy Blackmails me for a BJ


Naughty Vicky Vixxx

American / FLORIDA
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Vicky Vixxx comes into her room only to find YOU, her DADDY standing there. You found out that she forged her grades and are pissed. She beggs you to not tell her MOMMY. You tell her to suck your cock or else you are going to tell her mother. "You want me to do WHAT?" Vicky finally agrees after you BLACKMAIL her into sucking your cock. Vicky pleads for you to let her do something else like wash your car but you insist on her giving you a BLOW JOB until you CUM. Vicky does it but not without complaining a little. You know just how to shut her up though. You grab her head and push it ALL THE WAY DOWN until her chin touches your balls. Finally after 13 minutes she finally makes you cum like a good DADDY'S GIRL
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