Ball Busting POV w/ Vicky Vixxx

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Gorgeous Goddesses, Princess Katy Faery & Goddess Vicky Vixxx, stand in front of you giggling. "Look at this fucking loser! You like to get kicked in the balls?!” You just love it when a superior woman puts you in your place, by kicking you square in the nuts. Katy & Vicky agree that they are there to give you just that. "Not only are we going to kick you... We are also going to knee you, and punch you too." Vicky chimes in on just what they have planned. Vicky teases you for actually liking being kicked in the balls, and how she can't believe that you pay them to do it. Katy walks right up to you, and kicks you in the balls. Her foot comes up a little high, and she kicks you in the face as well! Vicky walks up and slaps you in the face, then kicks you twice in the balls. She laughs mercilessly and walks away. Katy takes her turn, and kicks you again in the nuts. Vicky brags about how she wants to take her time with you...And comes up and grabs your balls in her hand. Vicky squeezes your balls tight, and starts to pound them with her closed fist. Katy giggles sadistically, "Your balls are just becoming mush now! Like ground beef." Vicky makes fun of you for somehow keeping a hard cock, even though your balls are busted. Katy mocks your cock, and asks if that is even a penis. Katy walks up, and rocks her hips back and forth seductively. She kicks you swift in the balls, and even adds a little sound effect with it. Vicky laughs, "You probably pay girls to kick you in the balls, because you know girls like us would never touch you." She walks up, and begins to tap your balls with her foot. Tap...Tap...Tap... And she delivers a hard kick right to your balls. Vicky continues by slamming your balls with her fist.  Katy walks up and squeezes your balls, and kicks them multiple times. "All your worth is being on your knees... Your balls are mine!"  Vicky teases you more for having to pay for a Dominatrix, and how they only like Alpha men, and you'll never be that. The two ladies start to make puppy noises, and ask if you are a good little puppy. You grasp your balls in pain, and they make fun of you. Vicky grabs her heels, and tells you how lucky you are that they decided to take their shoes off before your little session. Vicky then takes one, and begins to hit your nuts with the heel end of her shoe. Katy kicks you in the face a couple times, "You didn't pay us for that...That's just for my own sick pleasure." They take turns grabbing you by the nuts firmly, "Look at all the colors they are turning!" Katy and Vicky think you've had enough time in their presence, and tell you to empty your wallet, and get the fuck out