Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
6:12 min - Sep 26 - .MP4 - 231.44 MB


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Clip is 6 minutes and 12 seconds and in MP4 format. Contains nudity CLIP INCLUDES: -SNOW WHITE -FANTASY -MAGIC CONTROL -COSPLAY -COSTUMES -GAINING WEIGHT -BLOATED BELLY -EATING -TRANSFORMATION -BELLY EXPANSION SNOW WHITE walks into the room with a yellow apple she just found and is perplexed as to where it came from "Where did this apple come from....I know I shouldnt be eating random apples but this one just looks so good...." She LICKS the APPLE...She licks it a few more times carefully....Shes convinced she can eat it without any repurcusions. She takes a really BIG SLOW BITE close to the camera (You can see her CHEWING) and she says she feels alright after the first bite. She licks it again,"I want to eat this apple so bad! It tastes SO GOOD!" almost too good... "Why am I so hungry?!" She takes another bite of the apple and REALLY enjoys it. The camera pans down to show her stomach and arms.... "Im feeling a little weird, like BLOATED or something..."She touches her STOMACH and it starts CONVULSING in and out, bigger and smaller again. "Ah whats happening?!" Her STOMACH stays BIG now and she touches it confused. "What the....its like I GAINED 10 pounds in an instant! All I had was some of this APPLE!" She rubs her stomach again and says she just cant help eating more of the apple!! She takes another big bite "MMMMMMM it tastes so good!!!!" "Whats going on!" Her stomach feels a little bigger again..."My dress is almost too tight now! " She CONVULSES again....She pulls her dress up and REVEALS HER BIG STOMACH (and the fact that shes wearing no underwear!) "I dont...What the...Whats going on! Its like I gained 20 pounds from three bites of this apple!! Whats happening! I just cant stop eating this apple though...." She rubs her BIG BELLY while eating another bite of the apple "How did my BELLY get so full from this apple!!!I feel like Im going to BURST! This apple tastes so good though" She trys to hold herself back from eating more of the apple but cant help it and takes another bite. "Did the evil queen do this?! What kind of spell did she put on me?!" She says as shes CHEWING her apple and rubbing her HUGE BELLY and MOANING in pain. She keeps MOANING and holding her stomach as she keeps eating the apple and GAINING