Zoe Clark

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The live cam show is about to begin, the sexy Zoe Clark sits on the bed in her fancy fishnet pantyhose and bra. Eric wants to warm up before the show so he eats her pussy. Lucky or by design, the pantyhose are crotchless and she's panties free. He spends a long time licking her, getting that pussy wet and aroused. When the show begins he pulls out his cock and she sucks it. It’s so big in her mouth but she doesn’t shy away from it. She works the tip with her mouth wrapping her lips around it, her hand jerks the shaft. She takes a break to slide it between her perky tits. Then continues sucking on him, but he wants to taste her again, and lying back she gets her pussy licked. Eric grabs his cock like he’s holding a sword and stabs Zoe’s pussy with it. He fucks her his cock vanishing in and out of her until her excitement creams up and collects on his shaft; and knowing she’s turned on he continues fucking her. Zoe holds her legs open as Eric films his point of view, she moans and grasps at her breasts and she enjoys what he’s giving. To change the sensation she pulls her legs to her chest and crosses her ankles in front of her, then lies on her side, the whole time Eric never stops his rhythm still making her moan. She sucks his cock again and then he takes her from behind. But she knows what will make him cum, she gives him a foot job and then sucks him off getting him to cum in her mouth coating her tongue