Coco Vandi & Maria Jade Lesbian Fun



American / Deep South
9:22 min - Sep 27 - .MP4 - 691.60 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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So i was at Fetishcon with Coco Vandi and we were relaxing by the pool, when had been there for a few hours when Coco said she was gonna go back to the room and nap. i stayed for a while longer but decided i would join Coco for a nap. when i walked back up to our room i got a big surprise, i found Maria Jade eating out my girlfriend Coco Vandi! i was a little shocked but i decided i might as well join, i started to undress and walked up to Coco. When i got close Coco put her hand on my chest a pushed me away, she said no, Maria jade was for her to play with and i could only watch. so had to sit there and watch Coco and Maria suck, lick and fuck each other every way they could, they even had me get them some floggers so they could have more fun! This is a Girl/Girl Scene staring Coco Vandi and Maria Jade