Engorged no pump take care business SD



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10:25 min - Oct 05 - .MP4 - 103.54 MB - 854x480


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SD 480 30fps Video - Sometimes being a nursing mommy is tough because you can get so swollen and engorged. This video starts with me swollen and leaky in my white nursing tank. My huge bulging nipples can be seen pressing against the wet fabric. I talk to you about how full and swollen I am as I massage my giant milky breasts. Once I release my full heavy titties from my top I begin sucking all that sweet creamy milk out trying to relieve the pressure. I let each creamy mouthful pour over my giant swollen breasts. Listen to my moans and the splashing of my milk as i try to get it all out. I continue to suck and release until I just need to start and expressing spraying and squirting milk everywhere. Its just 10 continuous minutes of me trying to empty myself, can you get empty before me ;) key words: solo wet sounds wet talking squirting milk spraying milk self suck moaning milk huge boobs front view dripping milk close up