Getting My Sister-In-Law Pregnant Part 1


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My Sister-In-Law Odessa sent me a text and asked me to come by after school, since my big brother is getting deployed (he's in the military) i figured she wanted to plan a going away party for him. when i got there Odessa said she wanted to ask me a favor, she reminded me that her and my brother have been trying for a few years to get pregnant but they hadn't had any luck yet. i said i knew and asked if everything was ok with her, like was she able to have kids? she said she was fine and that it was my brother who has an issue. with his low sperm count he would have a really tough time getting her pregnant, she wanted to keep trying but she wanted to make sure it was a success and that's were i came in. she proposed that we could use my sperm and that way the kid would look like my brother and have the same genes. i said i would of course be a sperm donor and asked when we were going to go to a doctors office? she said they wouldn't be able to afford a doctor and my brother wouldnt support that, so i asked what she wanted to do. she said she wanted us to have sex and she didn't want my brother to know! i asked for a minute to consider it but then agreed, i then asked how we should get started. she told me to get naked and lay on her bed, she then stripped naked and i must say WOW! she got some lube and and started stroking my cock until i was nice and hard, she then straddled me and i slid inside of her! she rode me for a while and after she had a screaming orgasm i filled her up with my big load! she said we had to keep trying until she was done ovulating and my brother deployed at the end of the week, she told me to come back tomorrow after school! this is part 1 of Getting My Sister-In-Law Pregnant, it stars Odessa Odyssey and is a POV sex Scene