CEO With Athlete's Foot



American / West Coast
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Taylor is on the phone with his longtime buddy and client of his financial management business and they are talking about Taylor’s new girlfriend and catching up. Since Taylor manages his friend’s investments, the friend mentions a new opportunity to Taylor that may be worth looking in to. At this point, the itching and burning of the athlete’s foot is clearly getting to Taylor. He is on the phone grinding the heels and balls of his feet in to the floor, scratching them on the back of his legs… anything to get some relief. Taylor breaks down and tells his friend about his need for some athlete’s foot cream RIGHT NOW. He mentions how he went hiking with his girlfriend last night, stayed at her place and foolishly only packed one pair of socks… THE PAIR HE IS STILL WEARING. Abruptly, Taylor has to end the call because he needs to call the pharmacy downstairs to tell them to bring up some Novartis, Lamisil, Desenex, anything that will help. Once the medication arrives, Boss man Taylor notices that the delivery dude is checking out his socked feet! At this point, Taylor is to the brink with the burning, so he tells the delivery guy to get on the floor at his feet and rub in that medication NOW. Once Taylor is satisfied, he tells the guy to scram, but be ready for another delivery soon