Lying Cunt Step Mom



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You catch Mom... she's been cheating on your Father, who pays for her to live it up in his house. She disgusts you, can't keep her goddamn clothes on and keep it together for your family. You're waiting outside the bedroom she's fucking another man in... fucking another man in your own Father's bed - disgusting slut! She comes out after the man has left from a window, you suspect. Her look is that of total surprise, but she also looks almost proud. She wants you to keep this a secret. A soft chuckle, and you know she doesn't think this will be a problem for you at all. Truly, she thinks you will just keep this to yourself without a care. After seeing that you aren't so inclined to just keep your mouth shut, she offers up something in exchange for your silence. Maybe a tablet, a new phone, something you've been wanting? You're briefly reminded of the reaction you had to hearing her fucking someone, feeling a power inside of you that turns you on again. She must do the same to you. You won't budge. She will have to fuck you if she wants to keep this under the radar. First though, you demand she shows the proof that she's been cheating... She needs to show you the cum that's falling from her slutty pussy. You tell her to rub it on her tits, so she sees it and really understands what she has done. After that, you're going to slide your dick in that wet cunt to pump her full of more hot jizz. Only for a moment though, because you don't want to stay inside that mess for long - you just want to show her who's boss, and how small she really is in this house. You make her say how much of a slut she is, and how dirty her cunt is now because of her actions. To finalize all of this, you make her also rub your own cum onto her tits to mix with the other cum. Disgusting slut